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[WATCH] Omarosa Says Trump Needs to ‘Come Clean’ About His Health If He Plans to Run in 2024

[WATCH] Omarosa Says Trump Needs to ‘Come Clean’ About His Health If He Plans to Run in 2024

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former cast member of “The Apprentice” who briefly served as an aide to Donald Trump in the early months of his administration, says if he’s considering another run to save face in 2024, he needs to start telling the truth about the state of his health.

While rumors have always swirled regarding Trump’s true weight and other vital statistics, his personal physicians have always told the public he was the “healthiest” or “strongest” candidate they’d ever seen. However, Trump got extremely ill when he contracted COVID-19,  according to a report from the New York Times in February 2021. The report stated that Trump’s lungs had “infiltrates”, and officials feared he’d need a ventilator while his doctors were concerned about organ failure. Trump’s niece, Dr. Mary Trump, said that as someone who had severe asthma as a child, she could recognize that her uncle was struggling to breathe when he arrived back at the White House and climbed the steps to the second floor. Trump hasn’t revealed if he has any lingering problems from contracting the virus.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
BETHESDA, MD – OCTOBER 03: In this handout provided by The White House, President Donald J. Trump works in the Presidential Suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after testing positive for COVID-19 on October 3, 2020 in Bethesda, Maryland. President Trump’s medical team says the President’s oxygen levels dropped and he took a steroid treatment of dexamethasone. (Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House via Getty Images)

While never being forthcoming about his own health, Trump often seemed obsessed with the health of his political rivals. Trump made former Hillary Clinton’s health a major part of his 2016 conspiracy theories and attempted to do the same with now-President Joe Biden, but it didn’t work a second time. And Trump continues to strike out in his attempts to strike against his detractors. Last week, an arbitrator ruled in favor of Manigault Newman in a case brought by Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, claiming that she violated a confidentiality agreement with the publication of her book Unhinged and in other public appearances.

Manigault Newman appeared on the Rev. Al Sharpton’s show to give her unique perspective on Trump. The Rev asked if she thought Trump would run in the next presidential election and she said that he probably would if his health would allow him. If he does, however, she said he should be upfront with the American people about things she implied he’s been hiding.

“I think going into 2024, I’m really more concerned about the fact that Donald Trump hasn’t come forward and talked about his health,” she told the Rev. “I don’t know if he will even be healthy enough to run in 2024. I think he needs to come clean to the American people about where he is on that before deciding to get into a very stressful and strenuous race for the White House.”

Watch their full discussion, below.


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