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WATCH: Doctor Forced To Lawyer Up After Lies About 10yo Ohio Rape Victim Place Her At Risk

WATCH: Doctor Forced To Lawyer Up After Lies About 10yo Ohio Rape Victim Place Her At Risk

First, the news broke about a ten-year-old child being forced to cross state lines to terminate a pregnancy. High-profile media and political figures first claimed the story was a lie, and when that was proven wrong, they instead turned their attacks on the doctors involved in caring for the child.

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The story of a ten-year-old girl who was denied an abortion in Ohio would inevitably become a significant talking point in the post-Roe abortion access discussion. Her case was very much what pro-choice advocates had warned of — an innocent child, victim of rape, and potentially forced to carry the pregnancy to term (though in her case, she was able to receive an abortion by crossing state lines. It’s similar to the stories that anti-choicers swore were so vanishingly rare among abortion cases as to be irrelevant.

Now, Caitlin Bernard, the Indiana doctor who provided the child with care her own state had outlawed, says her attorney has sent a cease-and-desist notice to the Attorney General of her state, who has added to the propaganda by indicating — falsely — that she did not report the procedure as required under law.

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Attorney Kathleen Delaney says that she filed a cease and desist on behalf of her client, hoping to accomplish two things:

“First, we want Mr. Rokita to stop lying about Dr. Bernard and stop smearing her reputation and making ridiculously unsupported accusations when even the barest minimum of homework on his part would have found that the report had been timely done. So, we want him to stop the smear, and we want him to stop this dangerous rhetoric that he’s using where he’s whipping people up into a frenzy…we want to make sure that our client stays safe.”

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