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WATCH: Obama’s Former Physician Wonders if Trump has Neurological Disorder

WATCH: Obama’s Former Physician Wonders if Trump has Neurological Disorder

Donald Trump’s weekend visit to Walter Reed Medical Center prompted much speculation both from the media about his health. The White House attempted to end any guess work by claiming that the President was getting an early start on his yearly physical. Today, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham posted a note from Trump’s personal physician.

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On Monday nights broadcast of CNN’s Outfront, Barack Obama’s former physician, Dr. David Scheiner, spoke with host Erin Burnett about the situation. According to Dr. Scheiner, the visit did not necessarily represent an emergency, but he does have some concern about Trump’s neurological health.

The Doctor first referred to the White House’s claim that Trump was there for a physical as “absolute balderdash.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that Dr. Scheiner felt there was some sort of medical emergency. He told Burnett, “Maybe he had chest pain. Maybe he had some neurologic — I think he is someone who has some neurological issues which no one has ever really addressed.”

Burnett later asked the Doctor to elaborate on possible neurological issues. Scheiner continued, “He is having trouble word-finding when he said united shush instead of the United States. These are words, he can’t find them. This is happening over and over again. Comedians joke about it. It’s not a joking matter. I think there’s a neurological issue that’s not being addressed. If he had an MRI of his head over there, I would be very pleased. I think he needs it.”

You can watch Dr. Scheiner’s interview with Burnett below, courtesy of CNN:

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