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[WATCH] Obama Teases ‘Vice President’ Biden During Return to White House

[WATCH] Obama Teases ‘Vice President’ Biden During Return to White House

Donald Trump lacks empathy and doesn't take responsibility

The band got back together for a few hours on Tuesday, and it was a great reminder that having a sense of humor is one of the more underrated attributes we still expect from the President of the United States.

While Donald Trump never cracked a smile–he’s always been more of a smug smirker, especially while enjoying making a member of the press uncomfortable–both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have never held back from sharing a laugh in front of the cameras. And that’s exactly what happened when Obama returned to his former residence on Tuesday to celebrate health care reform and got in a few digs at his former Vice President’s expense, which he took with his usual Irish good humor.

The fun began when President Obama opened his remarks by referring to Joe Biden as “Vice President.”

“That was a joke,” Obama said, with the current president and current vice president by his side. The two Presidents then hugged. “That was all set up. My president, Joe Biden. Vice President Harris,” Obama said.

Obama also used the 12th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act to propose a fix to what he called a “family glitch,” joking that “I heard some changes have been made by the current president since I was last here. Apparently, Secret Service agents have to wear aviator glasses now,” Obama teased. “The Navy mess has been replaced by a Baskin Robbins. And there’s a cat running around. I guarantee you Bo and Sunny would have been very unhappy about that.”

President Biden got in a few jokes himself, making a sly reference to the time 12 years ago when he could be heard dropping an f-bomb on an open microphone.

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Watch their remarks, below.



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