WATCH: Obama Slams Jared Kushner Over Black America Comments

Joe Biden and the nation’s Democrats have had a strong campaign season. With the election now just one week away, the former vice presidents and a number of house and senate hopefuls have wide leads in polls. The party is now bringing in its most popular member, Barack Obama, to hammer home a closing message.

Obama's 2018 prescription sets Mark Levin fans off
Photo by Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The 44th president was in swing state Florida today to address voters. He was particularly galled by Jared Kushner’s Monday comments hinting that Black Americans don’t “want it” enough to be successful. Obama took the trust fund baby and his famous father in law to task over the remarks.

Kushner told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday, “President Trump’s policies are the policies that can help people break out of the problems that they’re complaining about, but he can’t want them to be successful more than that they want to be successful.”

Addressing those comments, Obama said to the Orlando crowd, “He (Trump) loves to talk about black unemployment,’ Obama said. “Unemployment was really high when I came in and we brought the unemployment low and kept on going low and he wants to take credit for it, says he’s the best president for Black folks since Abe Lincoln!”

Moving onto Kushner, the 44th president continued, “Now his advisers are out there saying, including his son-in-law — his son-in-law says white folks have to want to be successful. That’s the problem. Who are these folks? What history books do they read?! Who do they talk to?”


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