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WATCH: OAN Pundits Brand Lauren Boebert a ‘Pathetic Coward’ For Apologizing to Muslims

WATCH: OAN Pundits Brand Lauren Boebert a ‘Pathetic Coward’ For Apologizing to Muslims

Lauren Boebert shockingly won her GOP primary against incumbent Scott Tipton in the summer of 2020. She did so, despite having zero qualifications to be a United States congressperson.

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And her reign in congress has been about as big a disaster as could be expected. Boebert gave away Nancy Pelosi’s location during the insurrection and frequently goes on racist rants. Her most racist rant came last week when she referred to Democratic members of the House as the Jihad Squad.

Boebert soon delivered a seemingly forced apology that she clearly didn’t mean. But that was enough for the far-right to come after her. During a Tuesday OAN broadcast the Colorado Rep. was branded a pathetic coward for apologizing.

Gavin Mario Wax, President of the New York Young Republicans began, “Oh, it’s so pathetic and cowardly. I mean, you never apologize, do not apologize, do not let them set the narrative. And certainly do not apologize to an anti-American antisemitic radical like Ilhan Omar, who has plenty to actually apologize for. Apologizing is the biggest show of weakness. She had nothing to apologize for.”

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Host Kara McKinney responded:

“I know. She should have said, well, I guess someone said something and make a joke off of what Ilhan Omar said in relation to 9/11. And I think that it goes to this idea that a lot of times we as Republicans, we almost present ourselves to the public — I mean, the left does us no favors. I mean, they control the media and everything else about our image. But I mean, we don’t do ourselves any favors when we act like ankle biters to Democrats.” 

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