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WATCH: OAN Guest Says Kids Are Better Off Not Going to School Than Receiving ‘Woke Education’

WATCH: OAN Guest Says Kids Are Better Off Not Going to School Than Receiving ‘Woke Education’

In the fall of 2021, Glenn Youngkin won the Governorship of the state of Virginia. The Republican largely did so by making education the focal point of his campaign. That Youngkin was being wildly dishonest about what was going on in the state’s schools didn’t matter.

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Conservative pundits and lawmakers are running with Youngkin’s style of talking about education. Ron DeSantis has passed his Don’t Say Gay bill in Florida. And during a spot of OAN, Sam Sorbo claimed that parents were better off not sending their kids to school than having them receive a ‘woke’ education.

Host Dan Ball asked, “What are we going to do? I mean you just heard me read off three or four different, just, disgusting things that they are doing to push this nonsense onto our kids. And not every American can send their kid to a private school or home school.”

The guest answered:

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“And up until now we believed that we had choices. But here’s the bitter truth — there is a war that is being waged in which they want your children. And there is no denying it now. The gloves are off, the blinders are off.

You’re talking about all the funding that is going to the anti-traditional agenda. It’s anti-traditional. Why? Because they want your kids, they want your kids, they want your kids. You have to wage war against that. And if it means that your kids have no schooling whatsoever, they will be better off. I can’t even begin to tell you the damage that happens to children in school. And if you don’t believe me it’s because you have been schooled, not educated.”

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