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WATCH: OAN Anchor Wants Fans To Guess Whether Joe Biden Will Die Of COVID-19

WATCH: OAN Anchor Wants Fans To Guess Whether Joe Biden Will Die Of COVID-19

Thursday morning, the White House released the news that President Joe Biden had contracted COVID-19. It didn’t take long for the nasty responses to roll in.

US out of COVID vaccine
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In Congress and in media, the response from the left was predominantly to wish President Biden well, note that COVID-19 is still a significant danger in the U.S., and to express appreciation for vaccines that reduce the risk of serious illness for those who contract the virus, noting that Biden is fully vaccinated and boosted.

Those on the right are a little more varied. Some managed to simply express goodwill, despite their disagreements with the president and opposition to his political agenda.

Others couldn’t resist inserting a political jab.

In media, though, the hostility was less veiled — such as a Fox host declaring Biden’s illness a case of “karma.”

Then there’s Alison Steinberg, of One America News, one of the networks supplanting Fox News as the farthest-right extreme option. She actually invited fans to take guesses as to whether the President of the United States will survive the virus or — well, she couldn’t quite bring herself to say it, it seems, but she makes the hand-cutting-throat gesture generally understood to indicate death.

Yeah. Very patriotic, right?

Of course, it’s not the first time Steinberg has been joyous about someone contracting COVID — see below for her declaration that it is a “glorious day” when Dr. Anthony Fauci had his turn with the virus.

“But seriously, there’s a 99% recovery rate from COVID, unfortunately, we are going to see Fauci back on his feet.”

The White House says that Biden is showing only mild symptoms, intends to continue working while in isolation, and is being treated with PAXLOVID to further reduce risk of severe illness.

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