WATCH: OAN Anchor Says Trump Already Won and Dems Just “Causing Confusion”

For nearly 20 years, Fox News has run nearly unopposed as the cable news network choice for Conservatives. Then a few years ago, One America News came around to challenge them. And OAN has earned fans by going a little more extreme than even Fox News. And that has earned them the respect of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump boasts about attack on Biden bus
[Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images]
The president is desperate to stop the counting of votes that will likely put Joe Biden over the top. Trump, however, wants the counting to continue in Arizona and Nevada, states where Biden still leads. OAN, though, says the counts are pointless since “Trump already won.”

Christina Bobb said on Tuesday night, “President Trump won four more years in office last night. North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin are all Trump’s. Even Arizona, which somehow has Biden winning, is rampant with voter fraud. Nevada, same thing. This is a decisive victory for Trump.”

The OAN anchor continued, “Yet, in the wee hours of the morning, when Trump had a large margin of victory, particularly in Pennsylvania and Michigan, the Democrat leadership of the state stopped the vote counts. Why on Earth would you stop counting? Because Trump is clearly winning, and they need time to find more ballots.”

Bobb closed her argument, “The fact is that Donald Trump won a second term last night. Democrats are tossing Republican ballots, harvesting fake ballots, and delaying the results to create confusion. They want their antifa buddies to cause chaos in American cities so that Americans stop focusing on the election and start fearing their own safety.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Media Matters:


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