WATCH: NY Times’ Haberman: Trump Staffers Think El Paso, Dayton Visits Were a “Debacle”

Donald Trump visited victims from both the El Paso and the Dayton shootings on Wednesday. The visits featured anti-Trump protests in both cities with supporters of the President countering their message. Trump also made news by tweeting about the media coverage of the event claiming it was unfair to him.

Photo by Julia Reinhart/ Getty Images

The President also took the time to criticize Joe Biden, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and other Liberal targets. On CNN this morning, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, claimed that White House staffers are privately looking at teh visits as a “debacle.”

The writer first told host, John Berman, that these types of situations could be uncomfortable for Trump. “We have seen repeatedly where there is a national crisis, he gives a speech off a teleprompter and then he undercuts his own words either before it or after it,” said Haberman. “He doesn’t do well fundamentally on these major moments that require empathy and somebody looking as if they are rallying the nation and rallying people to support one another.”

Berman then asked Haberman if Trump’s staff thinks that the visits were a positive for the President. She replied, “No, they don’t. Most people – while they would I suspect not say that publicly – will privately admit that yesterday was something of a debacle. These are not the headlines they wanted to see. They wanted him to go in and behave differently. The goal was to go in and get out with as little news as possible.”

You can watch a clip of the interview below:


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