WATCH: NY Times Haberman Says Trump Was Giddy Then Crushed by Tulsa Rally

Donald Trump had looked forward to his Tulsa rally all week. Once the George Floyd protests began, the President saw no need to keep postponing his live events. And Trump, Brad Parscale and Kayleigh McEnany all bragged that over one million people had shown interest in attending.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

So it was a shock to Trump and his campaign when only an estimated 6,200 people showed up. While there has been an attempt to spin the narrative by campaign manager Parscale, Trump is clearly upset. During an appearance on CNN’s New Day, Maggie Haberman says Trump was “giddy as a kid,” then crushed by the rally attendance.

The New York Times writer first explained that this rally was specifically planned at a way to improve Trump’s mood. “He had been as giddy as a kid in the days leading up to this rally,” she said. He was really excited about it. Aides conceded that this was being done in part to try to lift his spirits, which were not in a good place in the last couple of weeks.”

The event, however, became a disaster when a overflow speech had to be cancelled and TV viewers saw a sea of empty seats. Haberman continued, “For him to show up and find that all of these promises of all of these people who were going to show up and adore you and cheer for you, that they weren’t there, for him, that was crushing.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:


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