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WATCH: Now Alex Jones Is Blaming Secret Biden Weather Weapons For Tornadoes

WATCH: Now Alex Jones Is Blaming Secret Biden Weather Weapons For Tornadoes

Alex Jones, the radio host who uses his InfoWars network to spread conspiracy theories about everything from election integrity to mass murders to the sexuality of frogs, is turning his attention to the recent tornadoes in the southern United States, and he’s got a clear idea of who to blame.

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As Media Matters For America first reported, Jones has released an episode of his online show in which he considers what the cause might be of the recent tornadoes that resulted in deaths and devastation across the nation. He doesn’t think that they’re a sign of climate change though. Instead, he would like the world to consider that maybe President Joe Biden has secret weather weapons that he used to attack the nation with manufactured tornadoes.

Incidentally, Jones makes another claim in the video, passing over it as though it is an established fact: he asserts that as storms hit Texas in February, Joe Biden blocked the needed power, resulting in the grid crashing and leaving millions without electricity. The Austin American-Statesman addressed this particular falsehood the first time it came up:

The story is wrong — the Energy Department did not “block” Texas from increasing power production before the winter storm hit. The “major smoking gun” cited by InfoWars is actually an emergency order that temporarily suspended federal emissions caps in the state so that some power plants could operate at maximum capacity.

In other words, the emergency order did the exact opposite of what Jones claims.

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As NPR explains, the exact link between climate change and increased or unusual tornadoes is still being studied. It’s certainly not as straightforward as Jones claims, that people are being “blamed” for storms because they used plastic cups or traveled by plane. However, scientists do recognize that climate change contributes to the weather conditions in which tornadoes form.

By contrast, there is no evidence whatsoever for secret weather machines, which sound suspiciously similar to the “Jewish space lasers” that Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) previously made up and tried to blame for wildfires in California.

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