WATCH: Noel Casler Explains Why He Thinks Matt Gaetz Is Trying To Be The Next Trump

Noel Casler, who once worked on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, has been sharing his observations about Donald Trump for years, daring him to act on the non-disclosure agreement that Casler and others were required to sign. Now he takes that further, using his podcast to share not only the tea about Trump, but his observations of politics and politicians more broadly.

[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call]

In his latest podcast, he opens by taking on Matt Gaetz, explaining how he believes that Gaetz is modeling himself on Donald Trump, from making himself a public spectacle through displays of flashy, distracting behavior (like wearing a gas mask on the House floor) to (alleged) sex trafficking in teenaged girls.

Casler opines that a certain subset of wealthy, powerful men see chasing underage teenagers as a status symbol, because it’s off-limits and taboo, thus a display that the rules don’t apply to them.

He also believes that Gaetz followed Trump’s example in ensnaring other guilty parties in order to protect himself. To this end, Casler reiterates a story he’s told before. He says that Trump used to throw big cocaine-fueled parties with powerful businessmen, and offer access to rooms and women or girls, then record the encounters secretly and use it for blackmail purposes. Casler believes Gaetz was doing something similar.

In fact, he brings up the incident when Gaetz, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News opinion program, tried to remind Carlson of a time that both men had been out to dinner, Gaetz with an unnamed girl (who he appears to suggest was the one the investigation was about), and Carlson with his wife. Carlson shut the conversation down quickly, and it has been discussed widely as one of the strangest television interviews anyone recalls seeing. As seen in the Now This News cut below, even Carlson said the interview was strange.

Casler floats the theory that this was the same action he accuses Trump of — that Gaetz was warning Carlson that he too could be implicated.

At this point, Joel Greenberg — the Gaetz associate Casler mentions — has pled guilty to charges including sex trafficking of a minor, and is reportedly cooperating with law enforcement, handing over the names of others involved, but to date, no charges against any other participants have been publicly announced.

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