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WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Tells Stephen Colbert She’s Left Republican Party

WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Tells Stephen Colbert She’s Left Republican Party

Nicolle Wallace mid-day show, Deadline: White House, is one of MSNBC’s top performers. While MSNBC is seen as a left-leaning network, Wallace was at one point, a prominent Republican. The pundit has experience in the White House, serving as George W. Bush’s Communications Director from 2005 to 2006.

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In the age of Trump, though, Wallace seems especially leery of her party and regularly takes Republican lawmakers to task. During a discussion with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night, she referred to the GOP as her “old party.”

While speaking with the late night host, Wallace ripped Republicans for the way they have defended Trump during the impeachment inquiry. She had a viral moment a few weeks ago when she called Laura Ingraham and Berkeley professor John Yu “chickensh*t” for hinting that Alexander Vindman was a spy.

Wallace explained:

“Look, my problem with that specifically, and just the galling nature of that exchange was that, one, Laura Ingraham knows better. She’s a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. What she teed-up there with John Yu, who you know very well. You were very aware of it at the same time. He knows better. He worked at the highest levels of the Justice Department. He knows Col. Vindman isn’t a spy.”

The MSNBC host then talked about Republican behavior during yesterday’s congressional hearing. “I mean, it’s just ludicrous excuse after ludicrous excuse,” she said. “Yesterday’s talking points went out to the Republicans. And, like, before they hit ‘Send’ Donald Trump had undermined them. If I had any capacity for sympathy for my old party it would be so sad; it would be so sad it would be embarrassing. But I don’t.”

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Watch the interview below, courtesy of CBS:


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