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WATCH: NFL Drops Pro-LGBTQ+ Ad; Conservatives Lose It

WATCH: NFL Drops Pro-LGBTQ+ Ad; Conservatives Lose It

The NFL is gay — and transgender, and lesbian, and queer, and accepting, beautiful, and American. The organization says so itself. What is football not? Well, it’s not being worshipped quite so much by conservatives, it seems.

[Screenshots via NFL/YouTube]

The NFL dropped a 30-second ad Monday, almost missing their opportunity to get in before the end of Pride Month. However, the timing hits for a different reason.

So first, here’s Carl Nassib. He plays for the Las Vegas Raiders and according to OutSports, he’s the 16th NFL player to come out publicly as either gay or bisexual in the organization’s hundred-year history — but he’s the first to come out while on an active roster.

He dropped a video and a short message announcing his partnership with The Trevor Project — an organization that works hard to provide resources to protect LGBTQ kids from suicide, which happens at higher rates than among cishet kids.

The NFL responded with this:

Football is gay. football is lesbian. Football is beautiful. Football is queer. Football is life. Football is exciting. Football is culture. Football is transgender.

Football is also heart, power, tough, bisexual, strong, freedom, American, accepting, everything, and for everyone, according to the ad — which then transitions to an NFL logo in Pride flag colors, followed by an expression of support for The Trevor Project, and the statistic that a single accepting adult in an LGBTQ kid’s life can reduce the risk of suicide by 40%, and of course, a link for fans to also support The Trevor Project.

(You can do that here!)

Well, it seems like inclusivity hurt a lot of feelings.

Far-right political commentator Dinesh D’Souza posted on Rumble to declare “The NFL has gone full political. It’s time to turn it off.”

DeAnna Lorraine — a former Republican political candidate, who moved to Texas to host on InfoWars with Alex Jones, declares that football is actually dead.

[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

Then on Twitter, there are takes like these:

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There are kind of a lot of people who are super offended that the NFL would dare say football is for everyone — not just for one demographic of viewers. Of course, this follows the stream of conservatives who said they’d stop watching because a player (and then a lot of players) knelt through the National Anthem in a peaceful protest against police brutality.

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