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WATCH: “Newt’s Right” Matt Gaetz Backs Gingrich’s Prison-For-January-6th-Committee Declaration

WATCH: “Newt’s Right” Matt Gaetz Backs Gingrich’s Prison-For-January-6th-Committee Declaration

Newt Gingrich is no longer an elected representative, and hasn’t been for over two decades (though he did attempt a presidential bid in 2012). If he spouts rhetoric about jailing legislators for daring to investigate the role of Donald Trump, his Administration, and other prominent Republican figures, it’s pretty significant, because he certainly has some conservative prominence. However, coming from him, it’s not, at least, coming from a current elected official. However, when Matt Gaetz decides to echo the sentiment, that’s another story altogether.

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As reported recently, Gingrich appeared on Fox News to discuss the January 6th Committee and the role of U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland in pursuing the perpetrators of the attempted insurrection, including those whose roles were more behind-the-scenes. Gingrich assured the audience that when Republicans take over Congress, they’ll start issuing subpoenas for everyone involved in the investigation, with jail time as the ultimate aim.

Now Matt Gaetz is backing this prediction, saying on Steve Bannon’s podcast (side note: Bannon is one of the individuals who is currently defying a Congressional subpoena) that Republicans will take back the House, and that the Republicans who will be in charge — such as himself, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Jim Jordan, rather than those he deems “limp-wristed’ and spineless — will be relentless in pushing election fraud claims and COVID-19 conspiracy theories, and of course, in pursuing those legislators who have investigated January 6th and otherwise made Trump’s life difficult.

“Newt’s right, we are going to take power. And when we do…we’re going to get answers, real answers, about what happened in the election, answers about the Wuhan institute of virology, and certainly answers about a Department of Justice and a National Security apparatus that has gone totally off the rails!…There’s a lot of swamp left to be drained and I can’t wait to get the gavels in our hands, to get the subpoenas ready to go, and to get these answers for the American people.”

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