WATCH: Newt Gingrich Isn't Too Happy With Matt Gaetz

Newt Gingrich has dedicated his life to the Republican party and its aims and goals. The former Georgia Congressman served as the Speaker of the House when Bill Clinton was in office. The former lawmaker acts as a Conservative pundit on the Fox News network today. 

This weekend, Gingrich was asked about the incredible state of disarray that the Republican party is currently under. Of course, he won't blame Donald Trump for the current issues within the party. Instead, Gingrich decided to place the blame on Matt Gaetz. 

Gingrich told Laura Ingraham, "We shouldn’t underestimate how bad what Matt Gaetz did was for the whole system. He unleashed the demons. He went after somebody who had raised $480 million, had grand gain seats for three elections in a row. And he drove Kevin McCarthy out of office. And from that point on, it has been a disaster."

The former Speaker continued:

"I don’t blame Johnson. I think Johnson…has a hand that’s virtually impossible to play. And that’s where I think some of the people, just make it worse. This is the best argument I’ve seen for a why we need not only to elect Donald Trump, but to elect a very large majority with him. When I was speaker, I had a lot more ability than Dan Johnson did to run the house, because I had a big enough majority. You could have 5 or 10 people who were crazy and you can still govern."