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WATCH: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Has Utter Meltdown Over Biden Being Called President Elect

WATCH: Newsmax’s Greg Kelly Has Utter Meltdown Over Biden Being Called President Elect

Some Fox News anchors, like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, are still fully behind Donald Trump’s claims that he won the 2020 election. The majority of the hosts on the network, though, are advising their viewers that Joe Biden has won race. And those claims have earned the ire of the president.

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Trump has regularly tweeted about the downfall of Fox News and has urged his supporters to watch channels like Newsmax or OANN. Last night, Newsmax’s Greg Kelly provided a good example of why the network has earned Trump’s trust. The host had an absolute meltdown over the fact the Joe Biden is being called the president elect.

Kelly began the segment, “We have not called the election. Why would we? We do not know who has won! This whole idea of a president-elect, it is a media fabrication. The results have not been certified. Joe Biden at one point promised he would not declare victory until the election was certified that has not happened — the electors have not met. We do not have a president-elect!”

The host continued, “Mainstream media actually squandered their credibility long before Donald Trump got into politics. The Iraq war, anybody? Weapons of mass destruction? They’ve got big, big, big problems and they wonder why we don’t believe them.”

Kelly closed with a conspiratorial rants about voting machines saying, “Now you may or may not have heard at this point about Dominion, the voting systems company. Mainstream media doing their best to ignore Dominion and their problems or trying to make anybody who is talking about it and reporting on it and engaging in some sort of right-wing kook.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:

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