WATCH: Newsmax Reaches For Kamala Harris Criticism, Misses

Newsmax emerged on the political scene by offering a more clownish alternative to Fox News. And that kind of coverage continued on Wednesday when the channel dedicated a segment to breaking down Kamala Harris’ laugh.

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Conservative media tends to paint a picture of any strong woman as a witch. And host Grant Stinchfield leaned into that trope when talking about the nation’s first female Vice President.

The host told his viewers, “So it got me thinking about Kamala’s cackling, all right? She is probably going to be president sooner rather than later. All right. She’s supposed to be the leader all women should look up to, but all I can actually remember her doing since taking office is cackling at the most strange moments too.”

Stinchfield continues, “Oh boy, that’s her. That’s cackling Kamala, the Wicked Witch of the West. Nancy Pelosi, move over, there’s a new witch in town and her name, of course, is cackling Kamala. Oh, how sad is that? She is going to be president, by the way. I don’t think Joe Biden is going to be in here for much longer. We’ll see, right? I don’t wish any harm to him at all. But we shall see.”

This type of coverage hearkens back to the days of Barack Obama. With Democrats having a high approval rating and things generally in control, Conservative media has to resort to personal attacks rather than breaking down policy issues.

See a clip of the video below, courtesy of Media Matters:

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