WATCH: Newsmax Host Tells Viewers To Spend Stimulus Money On Guns, MAGA Gear

Republicans say many Americans just don’t need $1,400 stimulus checks to help them recover financially from the economic devastation caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Some have said that if they really believe that they should say “thanks anyway” and return the money to the U.S. Treasury. There’s no evidence of that happening.

Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield, who used to be a host on NRA-TV, shared some of his ideas about what gun-loving Donald Trump loyalists could do spend their “stimmy” on.

“Alright, so the next round of stimulus checks are on the way. I know you’re all excited about it right? $1400 as opposed to Joe Biden’s whopping $2000 that he wanted. But instead of buying video games and air fryers – I didn’t even know what fryers were, by the way. I guess you fry stuff with just air – amazing, but anyway, instead of spending it on that, like most of the country did during the last stimulus check run around, here’s some better options to spend that money on that will trigger your friends on the left.

“You’re probably a Second Amendment supporter, right? And this is about to be stripped away. How about go stock up on some guns? This one is an easy decision, all right? You can get this gun right here for 1400 bucks. Well I don’t know if it’s that one but a Smith and Wesson AR you could get for about $1000, right? Go get it. There it is! 1000 bucks. That’s actually a very nice gun, okay?

“Use the rest of the money, for ammo. The rest, 400 bucks, maybe get you 400 rounds of ammunition if you’re buying it, right, all right? Take that new gun out on a hunting trip, post the pictures on social media. It’ll trigger all your friends.

“How about this one? Mink fur shawl. This will drive the liberals insane, on sale for a whopping $1500. While you’re at it, you could pick up a fur mask too and just tell him, Dr. Fauci told you to put it on. There’s a fur mask. The liberals can’t yell at you, right? All right. Just put the damn mask on. Say that’s what I’m doing.

“Here’s another thing. Ever notice how today’s Democrats never put American flags outside their homes? Well, put one up, complete with a pole. You can light it. Let me see it. Go get yourself a flagpole or really tall one, 850 bucks altogether. I’m not sure if that includes the installation of that, but 850 bucks looks like a good deal.

“With the left over $550, though, how about you get yourself 22 MAGA hats? Make America great again! Give one to all your friends. It’s more friends than I have, so I’ll give some to some viewers if I did that.

“While you’re at it, grab a Trumpy bear, which I was supposed to bring in. I left it in the green room. 35 Trumpy bears to be exact, okay? That’ll get you through the $1400.

“And my favorite of all. How about this? Just donate the money to the National Rifle Association or stay Trump Hotel for 1400 bucks, but donate to the National Rifle Association 1400 dollars.1400 bucks that’ll trigger your left wing friends.

“That’s it for us, folks. Those are my ideas. I hope you’ll like them. Feel free to use them.”

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