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WATCH: Newsmax Host Suggests Cannibalism Could Be Part of ‘Liberal World Order’

WATCH: Newsmax Host Suggests Cannibalism Could Be Part of ‘Liberal World Order’

Each night on Conservative cable news media, Democrats get accused of some terrible things. The hosts of Newsmax, of course, have to go even more extreme than those on Fox because that is what their audience expects.

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Eric Bolling, a former veteran of Fox News, has become pretty extreme during his time at Newsmax. During a recent segment, he claimed cannibalism might be a part of the new ‘Liberal World Order.’

Bolling told his audience, “My, how quickly we’ve made the jump from eat less meat to eat fake processed meat to eat bugs. But that’s just what liberals do. I tell you, though, I really can’t see George Soros eating a roach burger or Bill Gates eating scorpion tacos or Nancy Pelosi eating grasshopper pie made with real grasshoppers. No, that’s just for you and me.”

The Newsmax host continued his oddball rant:

“In 1973 Charlton Heston starred in the movie Soylent Green, which takes place, by the way, oh the irony, in 2022. And it’s about an environmentally ravaged world in which most people are starving. They live on a government-issued food supply called Soylent Green. And, of course, the elites don’t eat Soylent Green, that’s just for the average people, you and me. And if you haven’t seen the movie, here’s a spoiler alert. 

Soylent Green is people. That’s right. Heston discovers that Soylent Green is made from the bodies of the recently deceased. Is that far beyond the realm of possibilities in the liberal new world order? I’m starting to think not. We’re one step shy of that. Let them eat bugs. No, thanks, AOC Antoinette.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Newsmax:


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