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WATCH: Newsmax Host on Fox News, “They Treat Conservatives Like Pariahs”

WATCH: Newsmax Host on Fox News, “They Treat Conservatives Like Pariahs”

For many years, Fox News went unchallenged as the television network for Conservatives. But in the last few years, channels like OAN and Newsmax have emerged as competitors.

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They have done so by ‘outfoxing’ Fox News. None of their anchors are willing to say a bad word about a GOP lawmaker, especially Donald Trump. And if a Republican appears on any of their shows, hard questions are entirely avoided.

While most of the personalities on Fox are also unwilling to challenge Conservatives, some, like Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, are willing to do so. And for that reason, Chris Salcedo thinks his competitor treats Republicans like pariahs.

The Newsmax host asked guest John Moody, “I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask you about your old stomping grounds at Fox News. Many of us in the conservative movement thought that you know, that would be the last place that the GOP and conservatives would be treated like pariahs, but led by guys like Chris Wallace. That’s exactly what seems to be happening. What’s your take on the editorial shift to the left over there? And what impact do you think that President Trump had on that?”

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Moody responded, “You know, Chris, I just don’t have any any good answers for that. I am. I had a great 22 year career at Fox. I left. I still watch it. But you know, they’re still doing very well, both in the ratings and in the in the influence that they have.”


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