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WATCH: Newsmax Host Can’t Answer Question About Dominion Voting — Cuts Interview Instead

WATCH: Newsmax Host Can’t Answer Question About Dominion Voting — Cuts Interview Instead

Dominion Voting Systems has taken legal action after being widely denigrated with false or unproven accusations of being a party to election fraud. Newsmax, for one, has walked back these claims, retracting them and admitting that there’s no evidence to support them. Now, faced with the question of whether Dominion affected the election outcome, one host cut off an interview rather than give an answer.

[Screenshot via Newsmax/Andrew Feinberg/Twitter]

Newsmax Rob Finnerty was speaking to David Litt (author and former Obama speechwriter) about this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, when Litt turned the tables on him. Litt described SNL as a place where “people made stuff up, then said it on television like it’s true,” quickly turning the question from satire to news as he brought up Newsmax‘s Dominion problem.

As Litt continued to press, asking the host, “Are you still telling that lie, or are you telling new lies?”

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Finnerty refused to answer, trying to steer the conversation back to Elon Musk, who appeared as SNL‘s guest host on Saturday. “You want to talk about something completely nonrelated, and try to catch me on a Monday morning totally off-topic.”

When faced with the direct question, “Did Dominion Voting Systems have any impact on the 2020 election,” the host gave up and cut the interview rather than respond to the question.

In February, Newsmax hosts also cut off and spoke over Mike Lindell, stopping him from on-air repetition of the same claims about Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell is also facing a lawsuit for spreading these allegations.

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