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WATCH: Newsmax Host Calls Police To Report Drag Queens

WATCH: Newsmax Host Calls Police To Report Drag Queens

Newsmax host Greg Kelly says that he didn’t want to tie up police resources and emergency line with something that wasn’t urgent, so he just left a message. However, he doesn’t seem to feel that he was wasting time and resources by calling them about an event where they actually had officers, and that they were already well aware of.

[Screenshot via Greg Kelly/YouTube]

Was it a genuine concern, or a stunt for his show? After Greg Kelly learned that a bar in Dallas had invited parents to bring their kids to a drag event, he called the police and reported it. However, when he called, the event was long over, and police — who had a presence at the bar, protecting attendees from protestors — were well aware of it.

Of course, Kelly recorded the call, and played it on his Newsmax show.

“Hello, this is Greg Kelly. I’m a concerned citizen. I live in New York but I saw a horrible video. It’s gone viral. Very easy to find online…It seemed like it was incredibly inappropriate, borderline, probably criminal. I’m sure somebody’s breaking the law. You guys need to find this video. You can call me.”

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He also says he called back later and was assured that the Dallas police know about the event.

However, the viral videos that are circulating include those of protestors outside the event, who are angry that police are present, protecting the establishment and its customers. In some, protestors are yelling at police for ‘allowing’ the legal event to proceed. According to the local ABC affiliate, one protestor even boasted that her activism and sign-toting actually resulted in police going into the bar and removing children — although police corrected that, saying they were present for crowd control purposes, helping families leave safely.

Did Greg Kelly miss that police were physically present at the event, and therefore presumably knew about it? There’s no sign he shared any actual new information with them.

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