Hold Them Accountable PAC Unveils Second Ad Titled, “#JustLikeThem,” Backed by Five Figure Cable TV Buy

LOS ANGELES, CA — Today, Hold Them Accountable, a new Democratic Super PAC, released a powerful video ad hitting Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for her anti-democratic positions. The ad will be airing across Colorado’s Third Congressional District starting on Thursday behind a five-figure buy.

Titled “Just Like Them”, the ad highlights Boebert’s constant cozying up to Qanon conspiracy theorists and domestic terrorists who inspired or participated in the attack on the Capitol.

To view “Just Like Them,” click here or on the image below:

In a statement released with the unveiling of the ad, Hold Them Accountable spokesperson Tyler Jones commented:

“On January 6th, Lauren Boebert showed everyone what her true colors were, encouraging armed insurrectionists to storm our Capitol. In the months since she encouraged a terrorist attack on our Capitol, it’s clear that Lauren’s hateful rhetoric and conspiratorial lies will only create more division and spur more violence around the country.

Our hard-hitting ad holds Lauren to account for her backward and dangerous agenda that is completely inconsistent with the values of everyday Coloradans in the Third District. We look forward to voters across the district learning the truth about their Congressmember, and working aggressively to continue this messaging through the 2022 election to ultimately defeat Congresswoman Boebert at the ballot box.”

Previously, Hold Them Accountable launched by releasing “Never Forget” just days after the three-month anniversary of the January 6th U.S. Capitol insurrection. Hold them accountable, Republican congressman, Lauren boebert, Tyler Jones, Colorado

To view “Never Forget”, click here or on the image below:

Hold Them Accountable will target Republican members of Congress who disputed the election results and attempted to undermine our democracy. We are developing a network of trusted messengers within each targeted district and state to create organic content for dissemination, allowing us to begin immediately to build a foundation of locally-based opposition to these traitors in order to weaken them and encourage primary and general election challengers in 2022.

For more information please visit: www.accountablepac.com

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