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[ WATCH] New Super PAC Launches With Hard-Hitting Ad: #Fuse

[ WATCH] New Super PAC Launches With Hard-Hitting Ad: #Fuse

Strike PAC Unveils “Fuse” Hitting GOP Extremism

LOS ANGELES, CA —Today, Strike PAC, a new, pro-democracy Super PAC, announces its launch via the release of an ad series showing Democrats how to effectively counter the Republican Party’s messaging machine.

The brainchild of political scientist and election analyst Rachel Bitecofer, Strike PAC positions itself as “a war machine for the Left.”

Promoting aggressive, emotive, branding messaging designed to force the GOP to play defense, Strike PAC intends to offset the structural advantage held by Republicans as the party out-of-power in next year’s midterm cycle by making the 2022 election a referendum on the modern GOP.

Bitecofer released the following statement with the launch of the PAC:

“The best defense is a good offense. What makes Strike PAC entirely unique in the electioneering space on the Left is that we’re building an autonomous, messaging infrastructure specializing in the ‘take no prisoners-make no apologies’ hardball politics that until now is only found on the Right. Strike PAC’s only ideology is winning. Strike PAC finally answers the question we’ve all been asking- ‘why can’t we do that?!’ Now, we can.”

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The launch of the PAC features four ads covering samples of what Bitecofer calls “Strike PAC’s messaging revolution,” with the first ad, titled “Fuse”, being unveiled today.

To view “Fuse”, click on the video below:

For more information, please visit www.strikepac.com. To donate, click here.

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