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WATCH: New PSA Encourages Americans To “Join Donald Trump” In Being Fully Vaccinated & Boosted

WATCH: New PSA Encourages Americans To “Join Donald Trump” In Being Fully Vaccinated & Boosted

During his time in office, former President Donald Trump seemed to sometimes fully embrace the not-so-conventional role of Twitter troll, posting vitriol against his political opponents, and video clips including white supremacist chants and bizarre memes. Still, he’s quick to rage when he himself is the target of online mockery.

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One of the things that the Lincoln Project does well is to create political ads that they describe as being ‘for an audience of one’ to provoke that rage. In their newest, they do something that Trump has been demanding since the start of the pandemic — give him the credit. However, it’s probably not quite the way he would have preferred.

While Trump has complained that he’s not given enough credit for COVID-19 vaccines being developed while he was in the White House, but is instead villainized for his downplaying of the virus, which is seen as a contributing factor in increasing the number of deaths in the United States from the pandemic.

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Instead, this new ad gives him credit for something that he’s done more recently — openly stated to a crowd of his fans that he is not only vaccinated but has received the booster shot. The ad plays on this by encouraging viewers to “join former President Donald J. Trump in receiving a full suite of COVID-19 vaccinations, including a booster,” and to be “protected against the worst risks of a deadly COVID-19 infection” — “just like Donald Trump.”

Health experts have called for Trump to join other former presidents in encouraging the nation to follow public health protocols, recognizing his influence over his party, and the negative impact that his own politicization of the pandemic has had.

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