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[WATCH] New Poll Shows Most Americans Support New Gun Safety Legislation

[WATCH] New Poll Shows Most Americans Support New Gun Safety Legislation

Gun violence is now the leading cause of death in children in the United States of America, surpassing cancer and car accidents. There doesn’t seem to be a talking point regarding gun violence that will move Republicans to change their views on gun ownership, but at least enough of them have begrudgingly agreed on a bipartisan gun bill amid their usual obstruction.

Some might say that children being targeted in their classrooms because a teenager could legally obtain an assault rifle should be a human issue, not a political one. Every Republican member of Congress who is also a parent has argued against stricter gun reform, a fact that never ceases to baffle me. I don’t care if you want to own a gun, I care if you want to slaughter other people with it, and I care a lot that the Republicans don’t care.

But more Americans than ever before have voiced support for increased gun reform after the horrendous violence over the last month and a half. And they don’t mean more Kevlar backpacks and fewer doors. The majority of U.S. adults think mass shootings would occur less often if guns were harder to get, and that schools and other public places have become less safe than they were two decades ago, new polling shows.

The most recent polling, conducted June 10-12, found 68% of voters back stricter gun laws, up from 64% from June 4-5, 65% right after the Uvalde shooting on May 25th, and 60% after the Buffalo shooting on May 16th.

In an interesting result, 19% of Republicans polled believe the age for buying assault-style weapons should stay at 18, versus 10% of all voters; 43% say the age limit should be raised to 21, and 33% support banning assault weapons entirely.

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