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[WATCH:] New Lincoln Project Ad Taunts Trump Over McConnell Fundraising

[WATCH:] New Lincoln Project Ad Taunts Trump Over McConnell Fundraising

While the Trump-ist wing of the Republican Party continues to worship/fear the Donald, the never Trump faction continues its efforts to wrest back control of the GOP. New today: The Lincoln Project is launching another of its wonderfully brutal ads in which it mocks Trump for “getting played” by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Several weeks ago the twice-impeached, one-term president issued a statement admonishing the Republican National Committee and Republican candidates not to use his name or image in fund raising material. That was, of course, because he has been doing the same thing – collecting gobs of cash for his political action committee.

The Lincoln Project’s “Swamp Thing” ad taunts Trump by claiming that despite his wishes, McConnell and his “Washington consultants” continue to invoke the former president in their efforts to build a Republican mid-term election war chest. The group plans to air the spot on Fox News and Fox Business, two of Trump’s favorite television obsessions, in the Palm Beach market.

The ad plays off of Trump’s famous campaign promise to “drain the swamp,” which only got swampier during his presidency. “The swamp won, Donald. Mitch McConnell’s Washington consultants are making big money using your name. We don’t know if McConnell is getting a cut. But what do you think, Donald? You’re getting played.”

It also ridicules Trump and ring-kissing Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California and Florida Sen. Rick Scott for their show of solidarity meetings at the Mar-a-Lago retirement home. “They brought you a little bowl to hold in your little hands and you fell for it. They’re laughing at you all the way to the bank.”

“Donald Trump can throw all the temper tantrums from Mar-a-Lago all he wants, calling for McConnell’s ouster as the head of the GOP, but the truth is, the party is no longer Trump’s to control,” said Ryan Wiggins, Lincoln Project communications director, in a statement.

“With the raid on Rudy Giuliani this week and his other close ally, Congressman Matt Gaetz, making headlines for all of the wrong reasons, it’s only a matter of time before all of Trump’s dark secrets come to light and everyone else turns on him, too.”

You can watch the entire one-minute clip below.

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