[WATCH] New Lincoln Project Ad Focuses on Trump’s Issues with Women

The Lincoln Project, a collective of Republicans who were early Never Trumpers, have dominated social media and the election cycle this year thanks to their anti-Trump videos that almost instantly go viral. Videos have been an incredibly effective tactic for the group, having taken on a myriad of issues surrounding Trump during this contentious election season. They also target his many cronies, including Maine Senator Susan Collins and Attorney General Bill Barr.

Now the Lincoln Project has set its sights on a topic that has haunted Donald Trump not only for his entire political career, but his whole public life: his mistreatment of women, both verbally and physically. Their latest ad, called “Your Daughters Are Watching” and tagged “#VoteForHer”, focuses on young girls viewing various clips of Trump belittling several different women.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty ImagesThe video’s timing is perfect, considering a specific moment from Thursday night’s Town Hall between host Savannah Guthrie and Trump where Guthrie (who was winning accolades Friday after originally being criticized for participating in the program being aired opposite Joe Biden’s own Town Hall) blocked one of Trump’s attempts to undermine a question’s premise. Trump smirked at the rare challenge and replied, “So cute.”

Trump’s troubled history with women would certainly need a much longer video if they were to give a full overview, and his recent pleas to suburban women to “like him” are mostly falling on deaf ears.

The video captures similar moments as a female narrator asks the viewer to imagine a young girl they know looking into the mirror and seeing themselves while hearing Donald Trump’s voice. Trump is shown saying cruel things like “You ask the stupidest questions” and “Of course you weren’t thinking. You never think.” Hearing an abusive voice juxtaposed over the images of young women learning about their value through a man’s eyes is an appropriately strong visual.

Watch the full video, below.

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