(WATCH) New Footage of Roger Stone Arrest Just Released

On January 25th former Trump Adviser, Roger Stone had his home raided by the FBI, as he was arrested. While CNN caught much of the action on film the morning it took place, CBS12 News has just obtained new surveillance video from the inside of Stone’s home as armed agents took him into custody.

“I opened the door and in my front yard, I was staring down barrel of two assault weapons and I saw a dozen other FBI agents in the background, all wearing night goggles, full SWAT gear, sidearms, and so-on. On the ground was a large metal device used to break down a door which was unnecessary,” Stone told Sinclair Broadcast Group.

It is not uncommon for federal agents to raid a home with heavy force, even if the target is not suspected of committing a violent crime. Stone’s arrest comes after he was charged with obstruction, witness tampering and making false statements. The video can be seen in its entirety below:

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