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[WATCH] Nevada School District Meeting Goes Off the Rails Over COVID Policies

[WATCH] Nevada School District Meeting Goes Off the Rails Over COVID Policies

As the Delta Variant of the Coronavirus continues to rage across American, parents facing another September of keeping their kids home are at war with the school boards who are mandating restrictions on in-person attendance. Children under the age of 12 are currently not eligible for the available vaccines–that is anticipated to happen sometime in mid-Autumn to early Winter–and as the debate continues over whether or not vaccinations should be mandated for all teachers, parents frustrated by perceived inconsistencies in CDC guidance are clashing with educators.

They’ve apparently learned nothing since last August when Republicans were demanding schools open despite not having the vaccines; parents across the country are resorting to actual threats to send their kids to school mask-free. Why these parents are willing to risk their children’s health is a point of contention raised again and again by educators.

In yet another incident, tempers spiraled out of control Thursday night as parents and teachers shared their stances on mask mandates at the first Clark County (Nevada) School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees meeting of the 2021-2022 school year. Dozens attended to speak out and make their views on the state’s current mask mandate for students in kindergarten through 12th grade known.

“You have to take the vaccine and wear a mask?” one parent raged. “It’s ridiculous.”

Others, like CCSD teacher Sarah Comroe, called face coverings a welcome protection against COVID-19. “I have over 200 students, you would think I would have at least one (complaint),” Comroe explained. “Not one. Every single one is happy to wear their mask.” She also voiced her frustrations amid the meeting’s constant disruptions, as trustees stopped proceedings to deal with those refusing to wear masks and others leaving the building in handcuffs as altercations threatened to get physical.

“You are being disrespectful to me!” one parent said to trustees during public comment. “You’re disrespectful to my children!”

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Meanwhile, parents of two students at Clark County schools have filed a class-action lawsuit against Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and the school district alleging that ordering students to wear masks violates their constitutional rights.


Watch the local news coverage of the contentious school board meeting, below.

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