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WATCH: Neal Katyal Explains Why Garland Must Pick up the Pace on 1/6 Investigations

WATCH: Neal Katyal Explains Why Garland Must Pick up the Pace on 1/6 Investigations

After he lost the 2020 election, Donald Trump was going to face a number of legal challenges. Then January 6th happened. The insurrection that he incited led to Trump nearly becoming the first President to ever be impeached and convicted.

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Upon becoming President, Joe Biden made Merrick Garland his Attorney General. And thus far, Garland has slow players investigations, especially those related to Trump. During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Neal Katyal explained why Garland should be moving faster.

Referring to a recent New York Times story that noted that investigators were looking into people who were VIPs at Trump’s 1/6 rally, Nicolle Wallace asked, “that sounds like a whole bunch of people potentially falling into that category

The former Solicitor General answered:

“As we talked about yesterday, investigations generally start low-level and then go forward and work the way up, but the concern here is that’s been almost 500 days since the January 6th attacks and we don’t have a real sign that the true higher-ups in the Trump administration and Trump himself are subjects of the investigation or being investigated.”

The legal expert continued:

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“But the most importantly the way we generally find out is filing motions to quash subpoenas. They go into court and say, ‘Hey, they’re making me go before a grand jury, I’m afraid to go tell the truth, so stop this from occurring.’ The Trump people file these motions like candy in all the state court actions, but there’s been no sign of any such motion here. And you have to worry. Memories are going to fade 500 days on and I’m still concerned that the investigation hasn’t gotten to the place I’d like it to go.”


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