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WATCH: NC Republican Insists Forcing His Religion In Schools Is The Only Way To Stop Shootings

WATCH: NC Republican Insists Forcing His Religion In Schools Is The Only Way To Stop Shootings

North Carolina Republicans are holding a Faith & Freedom Coalition event, and as the video clips from the event circulate, several show that the line between church and state isn’t just blurred, but under attack by politicians and influencers who’d like to erase it entirely.

[Screenshot via Faith & Freedom Coalition/YouTube]

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson exemplifies this in three clips shared by Right Wing Watch. In the first one below, he advocates for teaching public school students his personal religious beliefs, insisting that students must be taught that “Jesus Christ is the way and the light and only through him can you receive salvation” — a belief system that excludes Jewish children and children of a variety of other religions, as well as those who are nonreligious — in order to stop school shootings.

He insists that, until there’s a shooting, students aren’t allowed to bring Bibles to school, pray, or mention God or Jesus. All of these are false — a student has the right to do any of these things, but may not have the right to disrupt class with it, and teachers and administrators don’t have the right to force these on students.

That’s not all. He also does a bit about how America is a Christian nation, and says anyone who doesn’t like that can leave — despite religious freedom being enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

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In this final clip, he goes on to suggest that only people who believe in and will “witness for” Jesus Christ should get votes.

Robinson also wants pastors to lug their congregations to school board meetings to sway their decisions, and says that people fighting to be “on the right side of history” (such as being inclusive of LGBT+ students) can expect to “be on the right side of history in Hell.”

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