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WATCH: NBC Reporter Explains Why Matt Gaetz Will Likely be Indicted

WATCH: NBC Reporter Explains Why Matt Gaetz Will Likely be Indicted

Over the last year, Matt Gaetz has kept himself in the public eye. The congressman seems desperate to do anything it take to deflect from his legal problems.

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But his tours with Marjorie Taylor Greene and FBI conspiracy theories haven’t made his issues go away. In fact, Gaetz’s problems got worse this week when his ex-girlfriend testified to authorities. According to NBC’s Marc Caputo, the Florida congressman’s chances of getting indicted just went up.

Caputo told MSNBC:

“When this broke, the ex-girlfriend was talking to another woman who was talking to prosecutors that felt the woman may have recorded the call and may have patched in Matt Gaetz at the time and prosecutors suspect he tried to elicit or entice or suborn obstruction of justice and his ex-girlfriend may have participated in that. That was the basis of her getting an immunity deal; ‘don’t charge me for this and I’ll tell you the things you want to know.”

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The reporter continued, “Exactly what she told them is key but what’s important to note here is that she’s an important bridge that unlocks the case or unstalls it. It was stuck in neutral. Now the case is clearly going forward. I can’t promise he’s going to be indicted but the chances are higher.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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