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WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Colleagues Oppose “Any Family Planning, Domestically Or Globally”

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Says GOP Colleagues Oppose “Any Family Planning, Domestically Or Globally”

It’s not just the right to terminate a pregnancy that’s at risk, warns House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. If the Republicans in Congress get their way, they’ll remove many of the options currently available for preventing pregnancy, too.

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This has already come up as a possible outcome of a bill in Louisiana that proposes to treat abortions as homicides and issue criminal charges accordingly — since the text of the bill defines homicide as including the termination of a fertilized egg, even prior to implantation, Forbes points out that this could even result in criminalizing birth control methods that work in part by preventing implantation.

Nancy Pelosi explains that this isn’t just idle speculation — her GOP colleagues have openly stated that they’re opposed to “any family planning” options at all.

She says that she has Republican friends who do support the right to choose, and that she’s been trying to convince them for years to take their activism beyond donations and public advocacy, into pushing their own party, but that a major concern is that the Republican Party has moved away from support of family planning options.

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Instead, she says, she’s had Republican colleagues directly tell her that they oppose pregnancy prevention options too.

“My Republican colleagues have said to me on occasion, ‘we’re not for any family planning domestically or globally…we’re not for any of it.” And most people don’t know that. This is a fact. That’s what they believe, and they’re true to their beliefs.”

As PoliticusUSA reports, Pelosi described the decision as “the court…slapp[ing] women in the face in terms of disrespect for their judgments about the size and timing of their families,” and said that there’s still the possibility for a better outcome, but that the leaked opinion does “put[] an urgency on what happens in the election.”

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