WATCH: Nancy Mace Goes on Fox News to Trash her ex-Fiancee

Nancy Mace has had an interesting political career. She won he congressional seat in a purple district in South Carolina and presented herself as a political moderate, often appearing on more Liberal news networks. 

Mace spoke out against Trump after January 6th, but did not vote to impeach him. Trump punished her by backing her primary opponent. Mace pulled out the win in South Carolina and now grovels to Trump any chance she gets. 

The South Carolina Rep., however, too time from praising Trump on Sunday to talk about breaking up with her fiancé. Host Howard Kurtz asked, "You've recently been asked about breaking up with your fiancé."

Mace responded, "Well, a bunch of media wrote about it, but, you know, infidelity can be a very painful thing. I caught him being unfaithful. He was on a dating app, and so I dumped him."

The South Carolina Rep. continued, "I would encourage any woman that's in the same situation, just walk away and try to make the best life that you can for you and your family and do the right thing. But it's been a very, very painful couple of weeks for me and my children.

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: