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WATCH: Nadler Says Mueller May Testify Before End of Summer

WATCH: Nadler Says Mueller May Testify Before End of Summer

Once Robert Mueller concluded his investigation, House Democrats hoped he would come testify before an open committee. Those hopes were seemingly dashed when Mueller held a press conference explaining his findings and announcing his retirement.

According to the House Judiciary Chairman, Jerry Nadler, Democrats haven’t given up on having Muller appear. Nadler told MSNBC host, Ari Melber, that he is in contact with Mueller and hopes he can speak before the end of the summer.

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When asked about a possible testimony date, the New York Congressman replied, “Well, we’re carrying on conversations with him. And he will come in, and if we have to subpoena him, we will.”

An intrigued Melber asked Nadler if he feels that this testimony could occur before the end of the summer. “Oh, I would think it would be way before that,” said Nadler.

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House Democrats are eager to get their hands on the evidence that Mueller collected during the course of his investigation. Earlier this week, they made a deal which allows them access to some of the Special Counsel’s files.

Nadler said of the agreement, “These documents will allow us to perform our constitutional duties and decide how to respond to the allegations laid out against the President by the Special Counsel.”

The Department of Justice was also happy with the agreement. DOJ spokesperson, Kerri Kupec, said, “We are pleased the Committee has agreed to set aside its contempt resolution and is returning to the traditional accommodation process. The Department of Justice remains committed to appropriately accommodating Congress’s legitimate interests related to the Special Counsel’s Investigation and will continue to do so provided the previously voted-upon resolution does not advance.”

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