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WATCH: MyPillow Guy Melts Down As Newsmax Cuts Off His Dominion Slander

WATCH: MyPillow Guy Melts Down As Newsmax Cuts Off His Dominion Slander

Dominion Voting Systems’ aggressive legal pushback against the lies about it that have been spread by Trump supporters Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell already have resulted in billion-dollar-plus defamation lawsuits against each the two lawyers. The company also has leaned heavily on right-wing news outlets to cease being platforms for the continued spreading of the lies.

Fox News personalities basically were forced by the network’s lawyers to read retractions of slanderous garbage they had been spreading for weeks after the Nov. 3 presidential election. Newsmax capitulated to Dominion’s legal threats and did the same.

On Tuesday during a segment that was supposed to examine “social media censorship” of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindel, on camera hosts were put in the lovely position of having to pull out and read the disclaimer card when Lindel tried to hijack the segment to repeat his baseless allegations against Dominion. The intent was to discuss how Twitter had banned the MyPillow company’s corporate account because Lindel had begun using it as an election conspiracy platform after his personal account had been banned.

“What happened with your Twitter account and the company page?” Lindel was asked. The bedding company CEO immediately went rogue, saying the company account was taken down because he has “the 100 percent proof” of problems with Dominion machines. Host Bob Sellers cut off Lindel. “Mike, you’re talking about machines and we at Newsmax have been able to verify nothing substantive about those allegations,” Sellers interjected.

Clearly Sellers was prepared for Lindel to go off the rails as he then began to read from what is obviously a prepared corporate disclaimer designed to insulate the network from whatever potentially damaging statements its guests might make on air about the voting machine manufacturer. As he dutifully read through the legalese, Lindel can be seen on the right side of the screen trying to make his points, but clearly the technician at the network’s audio board podded down Lindel’s mic while Sellers soldiered on.

The high-decibel cross/over talk among the three continued until Sellers had had quite enough. “OK, I’m gonna ask our producers if we can get out of here, please?” he implored before literally standing up and walking off set. In doing so, he might just have saved Mr. MyPillow $1.3 billion, plus legal fees.

You’re gonna want to watch this.

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