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WATCH: My Pillow Guy’s Late Night Interview Goes Fully off the Rails

WATCH: My Pillow Guy’s Late Night Interview Goes Fully off the Rails

After weeks of teasing the appearance, Mike Lindell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and continued to spew insane conspiracy theories.

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Jimmy Kimmel has made plenty of jokes about the pillow guy’s rants. And Lindell responded to the jokes by asking the late night host for the opportunity to appear on his show. To his credit, Kimmel invited the conspiracy theorist for a talk last night.

The host told Lindell, “A lot of people didn’t want you to come on the show. Liberals and conservatives, everybody told me: don’t have you on the show. They told you don’t go on the show. But I think it’s important that we talk to each other.”

Kimmel then lit into the pillow guy, “I don’t think there’s any validity to any of this stuff that you’re saying. And I’ve studied you, I really have.” The host continued, “Do you ever think it’s weird, objectively, looking at yourself, going, why is it that the only person in the country who has this evidence is a guy who sells pillows on cable?”

Lindell, showing a complete lack of self awareness, just uttered the same machine nonsense he had been spouting since last November.

Kimmel then asked, “Do you know what an IP address is? What does IP stand for?” After the pillow guy admitted that he didn’t know the answer, the host closed, “I think that you should know what IP stands for if you have evidence…”

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Watch the interview below, courtesy of ABC:


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