WATCH: My Pillow Guy Issues a Completely Unhinged Warning to Fox News

Mike Lindell, who formerly advertised heavily on Fox News, said earlier this week that he has hired private investigators to look into the network.

Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

For many years, Lindell and Fox had a symbiotic relationship. My Pillow was one of the network’s biggest sponsors, filling in the gaps when advertisers would flee the controversial channel. And all the exposure on Fox helped to make Lindell a bit of a celebrity in Conservative circles.

But following Donald Trump’s November loss, the My Pillow founder has become increasingly unhinged. Lindell has produced multiple documentaries. The films, he claims, prove that Trump was the real winner of a fraudulent election.

The pillow CEO has become toxic and Fox no longer has them on their programs. So he’s hitting back. Steve Bannon asked the businessman, “Why are the Murdochs afraid of Dominion? Why is Mike Lindell not on Fox and why do they seem to say, hey, when Dominion says something we’re just gonna shut up about it and talk about Biden’s tax bill?”

You know, I’m gonna have those answers soon,” Lindell said. “’Cause I’ve hired private investigators and I’ve spent a lot of money on them to investigate everything. The bots and trolls, who’s behind them? Why is Facebook involved, Wikipedia involved? And then the big question: why isn’t Fox having people on? Why isn’t Fox on there talking about Dominion and Smartmatic and the election fraud?”

Watch a clip of the rant below, courtesy of Right Wing Watch:


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