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[WATCH] My Kind of MAGA: Mothers Against Greg Abbott

[WATCH] My Kind of MAGA: Mothers Against Greg Abbott

No one fights like a mother, and a bipartisan group of moms in Texas is so fighting mad about losing all of their rights while Republican Governor Greg “HEY! I’m Terrible!” Abbott is campaigning to stay in the office he abuses on the daily, they’ve formed a PAC to make sure his re-election attempt fails.

The Mothers Against Greg Abbott PAC  (MAGA, she typed with a very satisfied smirk), which describes itself as a “diverse group” of Democrats, independents, and moderate Republicans, posted its first video on Friday on Twitter, where it has since been viewed more than 100,000 times. Different mothers list the numerous reasons why the Republican governor should be ousted from office, including the failure of the state’s power grid amid a deadly winter storm in 2021 and the loosening of the state’s gun laws. They also cited a law that targeted how race and racism are taught in classrooms. Plus there’s that whole removal of bodily autonomy for all women and anyone who identifies as a woman. “They say nothing changes in Texas politics until it does,” one mother says as the ad begins. “Till the Texas power grid failed and our families froze without water and electricity,” another adds.

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This MAGA supports Beto O’Rourke–you know, the guy Trump’s MAGA loves to drag for *checks notes* using a nickname instead of his given name while ignoring Ted “Rafael Who?” Cruz– who is now out fundraising Abbott. O’Rourke reported raising nearly $32 million in his bid for Texas governor during the first half of 2022, more than Abbott and an indicator his race is on track to smash campaign spending records in November’s midterm elections.

Mothers Against Greg Abbott’s ad is the content we’re all here for.

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“We want change for Texas now… before history repeats itself… and we’re ready to fight,” the mothers say in the video. “We live in suburbs…in big cities…and on farms and ranches. We are mothers. We are mothers. We are the mothers against Greg Abbott. Let’s make Texas a safe place where all families can thrive again.”

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