WATCH: MTG Tells Tucker Carlson That Mike Johnson is Being Blackmailed

Mike Johnson might have the worst job in America. He has been the Speaker of the House for a few months and every single move he makes is heavily scrutinized by every single member of the GOP. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene is the central figure in making life miserable for anyone who has the misfortune of serving alongside her. And she recently had a talk with Tucker Carlson about how things are going for the Speaker and who she thinks his masters are. 

"Mike Johnson has made a complete departure of who he is and what he stands for," she told the disgraced former Fox News personality."To the point where people are literally asking 'Is he blackmailed? What is wrong with him?' Because he is completely disconnected from what we want."

Carlson then responded, "Do you think he is being blackmailed?"

"I have no idea," said Greene. "We’ve started the clock to start the process to elect a new speaker."

The Georgia congresswoman continued, "this isn't a Republican Speaker we have right now. This is a Democrat Speaker of the House because there is zero daylight between what Nancy Pelosi did last Congress and what Mike Johnson is doing now; our so-called Republican Speaker of the House."