WATCH: MSNBC’s Hayes on Trump: “The Only Thing to Stop Him Is Us”

Susan Collins, after making her decision to vote against witnesses in the President’s impeachment trial, said that she “believes that the President has learned from this case” and that Trump “will be much more cautious in the future.” The comments from the Maine senator seem much more ridiculous by the day.

Steve Zak Photography/FilmMagic

Trump’s behavior has only become more extreme since his impeachment trial. Just this week, he made threats against whistle-blower Alexander Vindman, senator Mitt Romney and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. During his Friday night broadcast, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called for a resistance against the President’s behavior saying, “the only thing to stop him is us.”

Hayes began the segment by saying, “It’s important to say the only thing standing between the rule of law and a kind of authoritarian decline is us. The laws we have, the institutions we have, those are all vitally important. But fundamentally, we are what stands in the way.”

The pundit then talked about the way Vladimir Putin treats his political opponent in Russia. He then said of Trump, “We’ve known from the time he was on the campaign trail, Trump wants to do that (use the government to punish political rivals). He wants to use the Department of Justice against his enemies the same way Putin does. He literally ran on, ‘Lock her up!'”

Hayes closed his comments, “But that does not mean there is no check. The restraint, the thing stopping the president from doing whatever he wants are people.”

Watch a video of Hayes comments below, courtesy of MSNBC:

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