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WATCH: MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Shoots Down a GOP Senators Lies About COVID Bill

WATCH: MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson Shoots Down a GOP Senators Lies About COVID Bill

Joe Biden’s COVID relief bill has major support from both Conservatives and Liberals. The piece of legislation would help millions of Americans who are suffering financially from the pandemic.

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Still, every single Republican senator has said that they will be voting against the bill. This morning, Indiana lawmaker Mike Braun appeared on MSNBC to explain why he would be voting against the bill. When he began to lie about the contents of the legislation, though, he was quickly shut down by host Hallie Jackson.

Braun claimed that people in Indiana are against the bill because the state wasn’t hit hard by the pandemic. “My constituents don’t want to borrow more money,” he said. “The only thing we have to replenish is our unemployment fund,” Braun said. “Everything else is done well because we had a good business climate, great economy.”

Jackson responded, “You talk about not wanting to spend more. Spending more was okay for members of your party back during the Trump administration when there was no discussion, or very little discussion about the deficit. Why is it a problem now?”

Braun then parroted the popular Republican taking point that only 9% of the bill will go towards COVID related issues. “That’s actually not true, Senator,” Jackson said. “I don’t want to go into a fact check back and forth with you here … for the broad impact, the economic impact, for other issues related to what we’ve seen in this pandemic, there is far more than nine percent in that bill.”

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Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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