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[WATCH] MSNBC Supercut Destroys Ted Cruz in Just 74 Seconds

[WATCH] MSNBC Supercut Destroys Ted Cruz in Just 74 Seconds

Ted Cruz seems to thrive on the fact that literally no one likes him. The constant walking smarm factory is always acting performatively, never judiciously, proven by his Twitter beef with Seth Rogan or his showboating verbal abuse of the most qualified Supreme Court nominee the Senate has ever faced because he knows the MAGA base expects him to give a Black woman a hard time.

If anyone really thinks Cruz ever had friends to lose, I’ve got a bridge with Chris Christie’s fingerprints all over it to sell you. Truly, the only thing Cruz excels at is making everyone’s flesh crawl with his whiny grandstanding.

Rioters credit Ted Cruz with their attack
[Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images]
Cruz famously capitulated to Donald Trump after weakly pretending to defend his wife (no slaps for Cancun Cruz, he’s too busy packing his little wheelie bag to run away from responsibility), taking his place as the dog in Trump’s lap.

Also, there are so many reasons why Ted Cruz has no friends.


If the House Select Committee needs any help in gathering evidence on Ted Cruz regarding his actions leading up to January 6th, host Mehdi Hasan and the crack editing staff over at MSNBC have the supercut for you.

Trumpocrites are gonna Trumpocrite until the House Select Committee subpoenas them. And then they’ll duck a subpoena and be slapped with a Contempt of Congress charge. It’s going to be so enjoyable watching Turd Cruz follow the same path to destruction as Peter Navarro, Dan Scavino, and Mark Meadows. It’s not like there aren’t receipts all over the place thanks to his own giant mouth.


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