WATCH: MSNBC Suggests Trump is Being Kept Under 'Bubble-Wrap' to Avoid Gaffes

We hear plenty from Donald Trump. The former President is campaigning all over the country as he fights for the Republican nomination. Supporters also hear deranged rants from Trump on a near-nightly basis via his Truth Social account. 

But the former President is being kept away from any instances where he might be challenged. That means he won't stroll onto any debate stage. And when he does appear in a cable news interview, only networks that will ask softball questions are allowed. His campaign is desperately trying to keep him in front of Nikki Haley without having him do much work. 

Joe Scarborough discussed this strategy on Friday morning, saying, "Donald Trump is scared to debate Nikki Haley. In MAGA land, let me put it to you this way – you're a big boy, you big man, he's afraid of a woman. He's afraid to debate a woman. He calls her bird brain. If she's bird brain, then why doesn't he go up on the stage? You know why."

The Morning Joe host continued:

"He's going to start babbling about Nikki Haley being speaker of the House and babbling about Barack Obama and World War II and start babbling about windmills and babbling about really weird things, and let's just face it, I think the people around him have decided Donald Trump is just not up to this anymore. We are going to try to hide him, we are going to keep him off the debate stage because Nikki Haley would bury him alive."