WATCH: MSNBC's Michael Steele Dresses Down Presidential Candidate Dean Phillips

The Democratic party has lined up behind Joe Biden for the very important 2024 presidential race. But Dean Phillips hasn't. The congressman from Minnesota has attempted to challenge Biden for the party's nomination. 

Voters have roundly rejected Phillips' efforts. In the most recent primary, in South Carolina, Biden garnered 97% of the vote. Phillips recently appeared on Michael Steele's MSNBC show and got a dressing down from the host. 

Steele said to his guest:

"The chairman in me says, what the hell are you doing? Right? And why are you doing it?Because the reality of it is, the party had a chance in 2016, and in 2020 to make a different choice. They did not choose Hillary [Clinton], and in 2020, they had Joe Biden standing in front of them along with an array of other Democratic candidates, including the current vice president, and the party said no."

The host continued:

"But individuals make their choices, are making their choice to stay in the game, 97% of that 4% that turned out [in the South Carolina primary] voted for him. So the question becomes, in reality, are you creating a drain in the process, prolonging the narratives around his age, prolonging the narratives around other things that people are distracted by with Joe Biden, when the real threat is the man across the aisle in Donald Trump? And the polling shows that at the end of the day, Donald Trump is going to lose to Joe Biden."