WATCH: MSNBC's Heilemann Explains How Mike Johnson is Blowing GOP Majority

Mitch McConnell might have done some pretty nefarious things at the Senate GOP Leader, but he has always been in complete control of his members. The same can't be said to Speaker of the House Mike Johnson who has had trouble doing pretty much anything at all. 

At this point, Johnson is solely acting as a puppet for Donald Trump to accomplish his political goals. Many GOP Reps. aren''t enjoying the experience as some are set to retire and others have left office before their term even ends. 

On Friday night, John Heilemann explained how Johnson's actions are ensuring the GOP won't be in control of the House come the fall. He told Alex Wagner:

"At least Kevin McCarthy understood parliamentary procedure. Mike Johnson is there for one reason. He's the most MAGA candidate who survived the carnage a year ago, so to have them down there doing this, it's not surprising but it is incredible, you don't get to stay speaker if Republicans don't keep control of the House and everything Donald Trump is doing, he wants to get rid of Obamacare, he shoots down the immigration and border bill, he's tanking Ukraine aid, everything which [Senate GOP Leader Mitch] McConnell thinks that is in the interest of the Republican majority ... including Mike Johnson's own FISA deal."

Heilemann closed, "He is guaranteeing with every move that the Republicans will not still be in the majority after November, and hey, Mike, if you're not in the majority, you are not speaker anymore. It's craven politically, but also it's like suicidal."