WATCH: MSNBC's Eugene Robinson Can't Believe Katie Britt's SOTU Response

The GOP has a serious problem with women voters that is only exacerbated when they have Donald Trump as their presidential candidate. Rather than doing something to solve the problem, they leaned into it last night by having Alabama senator Katie Britt deliver the State of the Union rebuttal. 

Britt, a newly elected senator, is far removed from the concerns of most women in the country these days and her response was a bit of a disaster. The Morning Joe panel discussed the decision to have her deliver the rebuttal on Friday morning. 

Eugene Robinson began:

"If they stayed up to watch the Republican response, you had Joe Biden talking about fundamental rights that everyone deserves to have, that women deserve to have as human beings, as Americans. You had Senator Katie Britt, for some bizarre reason, they decided to stage her in apparently her kitchen, which says a lot about how the Republican Party sees women."

The pundit continued, "One instant, she was near tears. the next instant, she was smiling the next instant, she was, you know, serious. It was all over the map."

Jennifer Palmieri then weighed in, "There's this thing on TikTok, in particular, called the 'tradwife,' which is a traditional wife, a woman that very much embraces the stay-at-home mom, great, you know, but presents in a certain way. I feel like that is the cadence and emotion she was going for was to present as one of these TikTok moms."